About Them

The Guys
     Thoth: Our birthdays are one day apart.  We met in 2006, and got hitched in 2008.  Our relationship was one of freedom and comfort, which allowed me to grow and become closer to the me I've always wanted to be.  I will always appreciate that, even though things blew up in a ridiculously stupid (and unnecessary) manner.  We no longer live together, or have any contact, but are still legally married... though I hope that will not be the case for very long.  He didn't see fit to put any effort into being friends... or even friendly, or a decent human being... and so this relationship is irrevocably broken.

     Ptah: We also met in 2006, though I couldn't tell you when or where we first met, just that it was at some point during that year.  We were associated with the same group, but didn't really start being friends for reals until another mutual friend invited me to play DnD, which Ptah was running.  I liked the game, and I liked the human.  We grew closer over the years, and I considered him my best friend for a couple years before we started cuddling, then fell in love within a very short period of time.  We no longer really have a romantic connection, but he is my life partner is pretty much every sense.  He likes comics and Celtic things, and works with wood.

     Horus: Okay, so we met on the internet.  We composed sturdy walls of text for each other, and very quickly and thoroughly bonded.  Figuring out how to express that took a bit more time, but was relatively easy. Our relationship has ended, and friendship is apparently not an option.

     Zeno:  Broke up with me.  It was amazingly good while it lasted, but it didn't last long.  Over a year later, I still think of that time regularly.  Not longingly, or angrily... mostly just analytically.

The Cats

     Skelly: My first husband was having a terrible day at work, and stopped at a gas station to get a soda.  There were two young kids outside the store with two kittens in a box.  We had been discussing getting a kitten, and he thought they were cute.  Of the two kittens, one was content and lovey, and the other was panicky and meowing a lot.  He was awesome enough to take the one other people would less likely want.  It took about a week for the other ladycat I had at the time, Dafni, to adjust and they were best friends until Dafni died in 2008.  Skelly is ten years old now, but went straight from being a kitten to an old lady around four years.  She's decidedly my cat, though she tolerates the guys and even shows affection to them on occasion.  She's been through a lot of life changes with me, and always handles them well, as long as I'm there.  She likes to sleep up against my chest, with my arm around her.  Sometimes, I think about the fact that she won't always be with me, and it's hard to imagine.

     Conway: After Dafni died, Thoth and I discussed getting another cat, hoping that it would be a companion for Skelly.  I was planning on going to the shelter to meet some cats, but kind of had the idea that I wanted a big, cuddly orange boy cat... and the universe provided.  Thoth was on his way home from work one evening, and spotted a little orange fuzzball on the side of the road, and brought him home.  Conway was covered in fleas, had a respiratory infection, stomach issues, ear mites, was starving, and fit in one hand.  When we took him to the vet, it was estimated that he was about four weeks old when Thoth found him, and Conway had been away from his mother long enough to be weaned off of milk already.  He had maybe a day left to live if he hadn't been found.  He can't see or hear as well as a cat should, and is terribly needy as far as affection at times.  He can't play for too long, or he gets short of breath, and is easily startled... but he made it to adulthood, he's healthy, and he's one lucky big, cuddly orange boy cat.

     Leeloo: As Conway grew, it became clear that he needed something to play with other than Skelly.  He would run her down like a gazelle on the savannah, and she was getting to be paranoid to be out in the living room.  We knew that we'd never get only one kitten again, and decided to try to find another younger cat that Conway could learn how to play with.  I found Leeloo on Freecycle.  Her people loved her, but they had a baby that ended up being allergic to cats.  They put up pictures of her, and she was adorable, curious, and in a box in most of the pictures.  She was the same age as Conway, and had also been showing signs of needing a play companion.  So we took her, and after a short period of time, the two young cats learned how to play together.  It took much longer for them to learn how to cuddle and groom each other, but now they are good buddies.  Leeloo still loves boxes.  She may not be a "rescue" in the traditional sense, but we did prevent her from having to spend time in a shelter, and I'd like to think that counts.  All of our cats are sort-of-rescues, really.

     Cocoa: She started showing up at our house in 2012.  We'd see her running through the yard, sometimes with prey in her mouth, but she was always very distant and very nervous.  Eventually, she decided to bring her kittens into our basement, which was probably the best decision she's ever made.  We were able to get her spayed, her kittens all rescued and adopted to good homes, and she moved with us to be our barn cat.  She progressively became more friendly, and when we had to move again, this time into an apartment, we decided to see if she could possibly adjust to apartment life.  She has adjusted beautifully, and has no desire to go outside.  She sleeps on Ptah's bed, and licks us.  She has one cloudy eye, and has put on a couple of pounds, but she's a good and loving cat.

     Temporary visitors/Rescues: The OMG Kittens; Octavia, Monkeypants, and Greg.  Cocoa's five kittens. White cat we took in long enough to recover from her spay surgery, at which point she ran away never to be seen again. Calico kitty I called alternately Colecovision and Kittybutt.  Three kittens I collected from teenagers giving them away at an intersection, and fostered long enough for space to open in rescue... One of the kittens was adopted by a friend of ours, but died due to birth defects.  StalkerCat, also known as Brave Sir Robin of Stalksley (I should write about her at some point).

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