Monday, June 16, 2014

Older Enough

I cannot wait for the day,
When I am older enough and grey.
When I no longer put up with stupid crap,
Stop plucking hairs,
And grow a fine mustache.

I'm sure I'll still be round and busty,
Empathic, generous and lusty.
I'll release myself from bodily cares,
And I may even
Let you see my ridiculous chest hairs.

Maybe then I'll take to dresses,
With fine mustache and keep them in guesses.
I will not permit any shame,
For this body I hold,
When I am older enough and grey.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm Sorry You Guys, but I Love My Job.

     My job at the park is going really well.  We have a good team of people, with complementary skills and personalities.  All of us are able to feel valuable and appreciated.  The park itself looks better than it has in years, from what I understand, and our more remote parks are also doing well. 

     There are some challenges involved in working in an environment which is removed from the administrative people who make a lot of the decisions, but there are also many benefits.  And all of us in the park are more suited to more immediate responsibility and less oversight.  All in all, I truly feel that I have found my calling.  I want to continue in public parks, and someday manage one myself.  I know I have the skills needed, so now I just need the experience. 

     The Manager and Assistant Manager at my park aren't going anywhere for *years* and so there won't really be any positions available for me to move up into in the future.  So, I'll work there this year, and probably another year or two, before moving along to somewhere else I can gain new experience and hopefully move up the ladder another rung.

     It's funny, I never thought I would aim for a career, or have career goals, but I finally do.  At 33.

     I still want to homestead.  Growing food is still something I find valuable and fulfilling, and I still want chickens and goats and to build my own life.  But in the meantime, there is something I find valuable and fulfilling, and can help me form a better future. 

     I'm sorry you guys, but I love my job.