Friday, May 16, 2014

A Memory.

     In my late teens, I helped put on concerts by local, mostly punk, bands.  Our awesomest show was actually a benefit for the local Planned Parenthood, and we were able to donate $1500 after costs and small payments to the bands.  We had a bunch of bands, mostly local, though a band named Charmless, from California, came up to play.  I occasionally get one one of their songs stuck in my head, 14 or 15 years later.

    We held the show in a pretty rural area, and called it StickStock, by the way.

     I'm sure it's mostly due to the pattern-seeking behavior that comes so naturally to the human brain, but between wildfires, meeting a recent transplant from the state, and talking about the times I went to California, it's been in my mind.  And because one of the other bands that played StickStock was former Seattle indie band Peter Parker, their song Goldenstate has also been swirling around in my brain, and led to those punk show memories, in a vortex of Californianess.

     Peter Parker's album Migliore! is here, along with the song I'm referencing.  I used to absolutely LOVE this album:!

Monday, May 5, 2014

If I May...

I am spending a lot of time on ferries lately, though not as much as I thought I would be.  My third day of work at the new job, I serendipitously met someone who had a part-time living solution for me. 

My keyring.  I even have a few more keys now than I did when this picture was taken.

I really like the ferry windows for framing photos.

I took the sunset sailing back from Lopez Island a couple of times.  It was pretty darned lovely.

Rainbow from the apartment porch.  It's interesting living partly in an apartment in the middle of a small city, and partly in a rustic structure on a sparsely inhabited island.  I really enjoy both things, so it's actually very nice for me.

Lovely clouds.

One of the downsides of the sparsely populated island, reachable only by air or sea.  I try to buy gas before I get on the island.  Well, I mean, my apartment home is also on an island, but Whidbey is reachable by road.  And even if one chooses to take a ferry, it's a much shorter and cheaper sailing.

The view from my bed at my second home.  It's been dubbed The Mud Hut, by the owners.  They're happy to have someone staying there, and I'm happy to stay there in exchange for an average of a few hours of labor per week.

The outhouse.  I told you it was rustic.

The main door in.  Though the giant sliding glass door/window wall also opens.

Seriously, when was the last time you even saw a gas pump like this?

Tulips, of course.

Apparently, this is called a Pheasant's Eye.  They weren't at the house last year, and I don't remember planting them specifically, but we did plant some mysterious bulbs in the fall.  So these were probably some of those mysterious bulbs.  Leaving the house is still sad.  And stressful, in fact, as we are still not quite done.  It's almost 10pm, and the guys are moving stuff from there as I type.  I had to sit the evening out, as working two jobs and never getting two days off in a row is really getting to me.

I wish I could intentionally slow down a bit, instead of operating at maximum output until I crash. 

One of the parks on Lopez Island has a few of these old, mossy paths and picnic tables.

And last, but not least, lilacs given to me by the owners of The Mud Hut.  They're such nice people.