Thursday, April 3, 2014


     So we get the keys to the apartment on April 9th, and my first day on the new job is April 10th.  The new job is a Park Aide position with San Juan County, and will be based on Lopez Island.  I've long thought it would be really great to work in public parks, but didn't know or believe that it would actually be a possibility until recently.  I'm really excited to start on an actual career path doing something I would enjoy and believe in.

     When I went for the interview, Horus and I camped at the park where I would be working, and did some exploring of the island. 

Exiting the ferry.  Commuting to this new job will be a time and money investment, but the experience will definitely be worth it, and lead to even better job opportunities in the future.

Red currant bush.  There is also a lot of black currant growing on Lopez Island.  I look forward to the foraging opportunities.

It is a place of rocks and moss, and blue-green water. 

The park actually has a very nice beach, especially by Washington standards.

 Part of the campsite where we stayed.

Azalea in bloom.

Random wild daffodils.  Daffodils are definitely one of my favorite flowers.

So many different plants in such a small space. 

This dock is just falling apart.  I'm guessing there isn't much that can be legally done with it, now that the area is a nature preserve.  And the sunken dock will make a good habitat for many creatures.

 This came out looking like a postcard, didn't it?

Back at the campground.

Rainbow Trail, at Lopez Hill Preserve.

I don't like to eat fungus, but I sure do like to photograph it.

The cutest outhouse I've ever seen, at Agate Beach Park.  Most of the public bathrooms we saw were vault toilets.  The San Juan Islands are very conscious of resource use, because of very clearly having limited resources.  All of the drinking water on the island comes from rain, and many people have rain catchment systems at their houses.

Lunch break at Agate Beach Park.

The food establishment at the ferry dock.  It wasn't open when we were there, but I liked the logo.

I waited for a ferry to come in to be able to take this picture.