Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Smell of Spring.

Melancholy strikes.

     It is time to start some of the vegetables we like to grow.  The garlic, planted in the beds last fall, is starting to come up.  Some seeds I scattered in the fall are also making an appearance.  Flower bulbs we planted around the yard are coming up.  It's a lovely spring day in my yard, and I'd like to get started out there, but there really isn't a point, so I'm in here typing instead.  We haven't found a new place to live yet, and don't know if we'll be able to garden where we end up living, so starting plants seems pointless. 

     The Fundly campaign is up to a hundred bucks, but only because I supplemented it with money from my income tax return.  My mom, who was supposed to be sharing the campaign with family members, has let me down yet again.  I got a "not interested" letter from the job I most wanted... but I do have yet to hear back from several more.

     Horus and I went camping last Friday, the day before a winter storm came to the area.  It was cold, but good, and I left feeling a little freer, but also envying the job of the park caretaker.  I have two goals, really: One is to have a homestead and be self-sufficient as possible, and the other is to have a year-round job in a park.  These are not necessarily incompatible, especially with other people to help me accomplish the first.  As for the second, all of the jobs I've been applying for would get me more solid experience with which to land a job like that.

     I'm trying to make a better life, really I am.


Of course, I have a few pictures from camping to share with you. 


Friday night, we walked around and took pictures by flashlight.

This was probably my favorite.

Breakfast Saturday morning.  There was a bit of snow mixed in the rain, but I managed to roast some pasilla peppers to go with the rest of our meal.

One of the trails down to the Dungeness Spit area.

From the bottom of the trail, and the very beginning of the spit.

Stack of rocks.  Horus contributed the top rock.

Starfish.  Also, there were lots of cool rocks on the spit.  Several types that we're not used to seeing, and lots with interesting colors.

View through a driftwood log.

A bench we saw on the way back up.

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