Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And so it begins.

     I did in fact start a crowdfunding campaign.  I went with Fundly, as the terms are a little more flexible, and the general atmosphere is a little more aligned with our purpose and goals.

     We honestly need to add more content to the campaign.  Outline several ideas more in-depth, make a video because a lot of people connect with a video better than static pictures... I honestly didn't intend to publish the campaign until I had at least some of that done, but... oh well.  It's been a few days, and a lot of our friends shared the campaign, but the total is still zero dollars.  That's alright, we have some time, and I haven't really promoted it to anyone other than my friends... most of whom are also relatively low-income.

     It's exciting, though, thinking about the possibilities in the future.  I did find out that my credit union handles USDA Rural Development loans, which is one of the ways I thought it might be possible to finance the majority of the cost of land.  Even though I don't make much, the pieces of land we're perusing don't cost a whole lot, either.  There are several good options under $40,000 and even some under 20k, though the majority of those are smaller than we'd ideally like.  One way or another, this will happen.  The size of the operation will, however, depend greatly on how much help we can get and how large a loan we can swing.

     I'm seeking a second job for the spring and summer months... it will be kind of brutal, but I need to be able to put money away, and I am trying to expand my work experience.  Most of the jobs I'm applying for are County Parks jobs, and being hired by a county will look good on my future applications.  There is one in particular I'm really hoping to get, but it hasn't been a week since the closing date, so we shall see.

     I need to go write more on Fundly.  I have a feeling that is going to be taking up the majority of my writing time for a while.

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