Thursday, January 30, 2014

Warrior Needs Land - Badly.

     I am currently recovering from the flu.  This has been a nightmare of a flu, and has interfered with my plans greatly.  I was starting to get on a roll sewing things to sell, which is absolutely needed right now.  We are all broke.  I've had no work to speak of, Ptah's hours have been cut, and we've been having a difficult time looking for a new place to live.  While we have a few months to accomplish the last, with our particular needs, the closer we get to the owner moving back into the house, the more concerned I get.  Anyway, the last thing I needed was a flu that would bring me to exhaustion every time I walked into another room, let alone tried to do anything productive.

     Horus cannot be around some of the things that are prevalent in economical living situations, like apartments.  He cannot be around freshly cut grass, and he cannot be around artificial fragrances, and these things can cause an asthma attack from some distance.  The fragrances might not seem like such an issue, until your neighbor uses the incredibly common perfumey dryer sheets, and the wind shifts the wrong way.  Even now, with our neighbors nigh an acre from us, it is sometimes an issue.  In addition, we all have hobbies and crafts which take up space: my sewing stuff takes up room, but not as much as their wood and metal working, our gardening... And we're not getting rid of the furry family members to have an easier time finding a place to live.

     If only home ownership was a possibility...

     I'm going to share a bit of my dreams with you.  You may find yourself enthusiastically agreeing with me, or you might shake your head and wonder what the hell is wrong with me.  Either way, it's what's been on my mind lately, and it's difficult to blog about anything other than what is on my mind.

     I want a piece of land.  Ideally that piece of land hasn't been cleared, as we could use the trees in many different ways.  I want that land to consist of multiple acres, though in this region, anything beyond like five acres seems impossibly out of reach.  I want to clear some of that land myself, enough for living and gardening areas, and put the work into it that most people would rather pay to have already done.

     I want that piece of land to function.  I don't just want to look at it.  I want to build from it.  I want to eat from it.  I want to become familiar with the edible things already growing on it.  I want to drink from it, and return my water to it.  I want to invite other people to enjoy it, and I want it to teach them things.  I want to work for it. 

     I cannot get a loan for land.  No one in this house can, and I don't think we could even if we tried together... At least not through the conventional financial system with no down payment.  So I'm trying to find possible alternative sources of funding, and I might have a lead or two.  I am most likely going to attempt a campaign through Indiegogo, to raise money for a down payment.  I have no idea where this land would be, as the land itself is more important than the location, to a large extent.

     I'm tired of waiting for the right time and the right circumstances.  And I'm always telling other people that if they're frustrated with life, they should do something different.  I might fail, but at least I will have tried.