Friday, December 6, 2013

Birthday 2013

     After last year, I kind of decided to make a thing out of going somewhere for my birthday.  At the end of November, most of the summer tourist spots have lost their crowds, and the winter tourist spots don't have the huge crowds yet.  Thanks to Groupon, I was able to get a good deal on a hotel room in Friday Harbor.  I'd never been there before, so even the ferry ride out was part of the fun.  Both Horus and Ptah were able to go this year, so it was good "family" time.  Have some pictures!

 The weather wasn't the best for our ferry ride out to San Juan Island.  I didn't exactly expect it to be, and the scenery was still amazing. 

It was dark by the time we got to the hotel, unloaded, and walked around Friday Harbor.  Holiday decorations were just starting to get put up; I imagine that soon, all of those buildings will sparkle.

Much of our Sunday adventuring was spent at the San Juan Island Sculpture Park, and this was one of my favorite things there.

Usually, when one sees ivy, it's a tangled mess. The single vine struck me as interesting.

If I had named this sculpture, I would have named it "Screw Up."  The artist chose something less punny, but more respectable... and I don't remember what that was.

These Oregon Grape were blooming on December 1st.  This is highly unusual.

Out on one of the prairies, we spent too much time watching this wild cat.

For those of us who like rocks, the San Juan islands are pretty interesting.  This quartz formation was just sticking out of the ground in the middle of the prairie.

The guys and I took many pictures of, and around, this lighthouse.

As our last day on the Island was winding down, the weather was winding up. 

On the boat, heading toward home.

    Goodbye, San Juan Island.  I hope we'll see each other again soon.

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