Friday, November 8, 2013

OKCupid Chronicles: II

     So I have a fair amount of text in my profile.  I try to give people a good idea of who I am, and though I feel like I might be too wordy, I constantly think of things that I feel I should include, so it remains wordy.  Lately, I've struck up a few new conversations, and that's been good.  I was talking to someone particular for a while, and we met in person, and it was good, but I'm not seeing any sparks.  Of course, I usually have to have spark initiated, because of all my buckets of self-doubt, but... *shrug*

     One of the bits of text I have in my profile is this:
"I am sometimes accused of being a robot, and if you have a hard time hearing someone say that people are systems with known and often predictable responses, you will probably find me not sensitive enough. I am not emotionless, though, and deeply care about people on a theoretical, as well as individual, level." And that is what the writer below was responding to.

Dude: You can't say you care about someone deeply then say its on a theoretical level. Its jaded people like you who give polyamory its bad reputation.

Me: Wow. I'm so not jaded... Do you even know what that word means? I care about humans. People I've never met, and never will. People of whose existence I will never even be aware. I care about humanity. Hence, I care about people on a theoretical level.

Dude: (No response.)

     So, yeah, I think my response to Dude sums up my feelings about that part pretty well.  But I find it pretty amazing that, not only did this guy take the time to read my profile, but also to send me a petty message.  This is so clearly one of those things that says more about the other person than it does me.  And if I had received a response, I likely would have continued conversation... this is a wounded person.

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