Monday, September 30, 2013

OKCupid Chronicles: I

     So I've been on OKCupid for like four years now.  I joined the site because I wanted to meet other poly people when I was newly into my poly journey.  I specifically chose OKC because it allows people to blatantly state that they are looking for various forms of relationships other than strictly romantic dating.  I've had many, many conversations there, some amazing, and some amazingly insipid/dull/take your pick of negative adjectives. 

     But then, last year, I met Horus there.  And this year, I met Zeno there.  These are clearly good things, and firmly put OKCupid into the category of "one of the best things to ever happen in my life."

     HOWEVER, I still get messages like the one I'm about to relay.  I don't know why it never occurred to me to share these before. 

Dude: Hey!

Me: Yes?

Dude: @;-)
Dude: Online sucks ,hey like kicking if trees or love water

Me: I'm an introvert; I like online communication.
And I have no idea what you were trying to say with "kicking if trees or love water."

Dude: ?
Dude: Live in Washington water and tree.s

     I seriously have no idea what he was trying to say, or how it could have possibly made sense to him.  For the most part, conversations like these give me more amusement than annoyance, and since I'm not giving any identifying details, I don't think my sharing is in any way harmful. 

     I'm definitely making this a regular thing.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crap, I forgot to think of a clever title. I'm leaning toward Zenosaga.

     Camping was good.  All parties enjoyed each other's company, and it was a lovely way to spend time together, as well as celebrate Horus' birthday.  It rained a good portion of the time, but we enjoyed the weekend anyway.  I have pictures!

It rained enough that even the elk had a difficult time navigating the muddy banks.


     So a couple of posts ago (which was just over a month, in reality), I mentioned that I was having a difficult time figuring out some feelings about a person/situation.  From my last post, one might have been able to infer that I resolved those feelings.

    Thus, into my story enters Zeno.

     We started conversation online back in February, and through a series of things that didn't work out, and a lot of life distractions, didn't actually meet in person until the weekend before The Wall post.  Which wasn't necessarily helpful as far as trying to assess compatibility, since it was actually a party that Ptah, Horus, and I hosted.  (The party, by the way, was great.)  So the next weekend, the day after The Wall post actually, we had what could reasonably be called a date.

     You might assume that it went well.  And I suppose it did, really, but I felt so nervous and awkward I was sure I couldn't have possibly been making anything resembling a good impression.  And yet somehow, things have progressed rather quickly from there.  And I have continually been pleasantly surprised.

     Some difficult things have come up, and been handled.  Despite my initial feelings of awkwardness, various levels of intimacy have proven comfortable and easy.  I like my metamour.  Social time is good. 

     Yesterday morning, in an especially lovely moment, he told me he loved me.  I keep grinning over it.

     Like all relationships, I'm sure there are still learning experiences ahead.  But I'm always happy to collect more data.  :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Right Now...

I am getting ready to go camping. Partly in celebration of Horus' birthday, and partly to allow everyone to get to know each other. All my guys will be there, as well as my new metamour.
Clearly I have some typing to do. But not now. Now I will take a bath. Then I will run around like a headless chicken for a few hours, trying to make sure I have everything.