Monday, April 22, 2013

Here, Have a Bunch of Pictures! (Part One)

  Obviously, I've taken another of my long breaks from the blog. I always feel bad about that, but I can't particularly pinpoint why. It's not like I've committed to a regular posting schedule, and no one ever bugs me for more updates. I know people are reading, since even when I don't post anything for three months, I still get a bunch of page views every week.

     As far as life progressing, Horus and I have officially been in a relationship for over a year now. The milestone passed with forgetfulness and, later, a camping weekend. We've been dealing with some unhealthy communication patterns, so we're planning on seeing a relationship counselor at some point, to help us get out of this particular rut. It's always good to know that even in the tough times, the other person in this relationship is as committed as I am.

     Our garden is well on its way to being productive, after most of our veggie starts were eaten by rabbits. We have fencing covering our garden beds, but the rabbits were able to wiggle their way under the fencing and get into the boxes. *sigh* Oh well, there are always more seeds. We've recently acquired a wood chipper for what it would have cost to rent three days... Yes, it's pretty much a necessity here. Between pruning the trees, clearing blackberry vines, and the fact that the chips make lovely paths around the garden beds, there's really no better way to go. And chipping wood is fun!

Mostly, I wanted to share pictures from the last several months.


The black cat is our "barn cat." We call her Cocoa Kitty, and she moved with us from our previous
domicile. She has one eye that doesn't work so well, but she still managed to feed and keep her five kittens alive before she brought them to us last year. She runs every time we go for the door, but knows that she's safe as long as it's closed... so this is about as close as I've ever been to her. Well, other than when we brought her to our new home in a trap while she was still drowsy from her spay surgery. She's decided that she likes this place just fine, and we see her at least once a day, when she comes by for her morning canned food and l-lysine.

Cocoa and the inside cats investigate each other from opposite sides of the door, and I have yet to see them show actual aggression. Though I've caught Cocoa and Leeloo "playing" with each other with the safety of the door between them.

We occasionally see raccoons around here. Usually they're hoping to find some food still in Cocoa's bowl. We've only heard fighting once, and she was not involved. Raccoons have such lovely fur...

That was the first doughnut I'd had in years... It was gluten free, and it was genuinely delicious.

Above is one of my favorite Christmas tree finds this year. I am a pretty big fan of the non- standard anyway, but the jellyfish is also sparkly, in addition to somewhat irreverent.

This tree still had leaves, and autumn color, in friggin' JANUARY. That's how mild our late fall and early winter were. A few days after I took this picture, we finally got some real freezing temperatures, and the leaves turned brown and dropped within a week or so.

And finally, the winter weather came. Below is a piece of ice face-on, and under that the same chunk of ice from the side.

Horus acquired a riding mower for us... Sure, it's not much to look at, but the price was right and it runs. Of
course, the steering is out now, so I can't actually use it to mow. Yet.

Leeloo, on the "cat chair," in an especially humorous pose.

Hibernating bee.

There is a part of our yard which I refer to as "the mud pit." There is a definite down side to living on an island covered in clay.

This cat started hanging around our house, and trying to take Cocoa's territory. One day, I decided to just let her eat, and see if she was affectionate. She was, and clearly wasn't suited for outdoor life. So we became friends. (The pawprints all over the car hood are a result of her dancing from happiness because I was paying attention to her.) She ended up becoming hostile to all of the cats, as she saw everything as a threat. So I surrendered her to a rescue organization, which fostered her, then adopted her out to a lovely couple with a dog. The cat fell in love with the dog on sight! I'm so glad I could be a part of this kitty's happy ending.

Games! Cthulu Fluxx on the left, a D&D battle on the right. Fluxx is one of my favorite card games. It's easy to pick up, and a casual and fun way to pass the time. Of course, Dungeons and Dragons is pretty much the opposite. Still quite enjoyable, though. :)

Horus and I went to the beach one late winter day. It was one of the first real sunny days we'd had in a while.

It was only like 42 degrees.

Lens flare! I'm pretty sure that means I can be a filmmaker.

I'll be back soon with more... I spent a matter of hours over a period of days trying to make this into more of a storyboard, with neat formatting and stuff, but it didn't end up working out, so I gave up in frustration and went with a truncated post, and boring sizing and formatting.  *sigh* Oh well.