Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why, hello there Blog. Long time no see.

     So, yeah... It's been about three months.  The past few months have been full of "not much" and "preparing for actual things."  Currently, we have many plans around here.  We've acquired the first of our seeds for planting gardens this year, Ptah has been doing quite a bit in the way of woodworking, and Horus is learning about and acquiring supplies to build a gasifier to power his truck.  Well, actually we'll probably do the riding mower first, but it's all amazing stuff.

     For those of you who don't know, I've been sort of trying to have my own business for a few years.  I have been making mostly costume clothing and accessories whenever conditions are right as far as space, time, energy, and supplies.  I decided sometime last year that this year was going to be one where I really put a lot of work into getting my business off the ground.  I had dreams of spending the winter making stock for my shop, and going to different area events this summer to sell my wares.  Then my crappy sewing machine decided to manifest issues which made that impossible.  I found an old machine for cheap at the thrift store, but it's been in the shop for some time now, and may have an unresolvable issue.  I haven't worked for close to a month, and so this would have been a prime opportunity to make all that stock, but I haven't had a sewing machine to make it possible.  Frankly, it feels like every time I think I have a good thing going, something happens to ensure it won't continue.  When I first really started to put effort into it a few years ago, Thoth and I ended up having to put all my supplies in storage and move into one room.  Now, I can't sew because I don't have an operational sewing machine.  Le sigh, I suppose.

     I do still have plans, though.  I have a list I've been working on for some time, of items I know I want to make, or would like to attempt to draft patterns for.  I do have some commercial patterns, but I only use them as a starting point for my own... if I use them at all.  I still have a room full of fabric and sewing supplies, and I still have all kinds of inspiration.  I still have a little hope that the people at the sewing machine repair place might be able to fix it for me, but if they can't... I don't know.  I guess we look for another machine.

     (And then I spent nearly two hours looking at sewing machines online.)

     The winter holiday season is always a casual affair around me.  We exchanged some gifts and did pretty much what we always do.  New Year is never a huge deal for me, as the natural cycles of the seasons are much more important to me than the ridiculous calendar we use.  I believe in self-improvement as a general philosophy, rather than something I try to do just once a year, so no "resolutions."  For my birthday, though, which was at the end of November, Horus and I were able to stay in a hotel for a couple days in Long Beach.  Washington, not California.  Of course I have some pictures to share.

We stopped and spent some time on a beach on the way down.  I was amused by how the little stream running to the ocean has worn away this rock so well.

The bedside lights in our room were interesting.  The hotel we stayed at (Adrift Hotel) is decorated with recycled materials.  They also use fragrance-free laundry soaps, so Horus could actually sleep on the bedding.  And they offer body products scented with essential oils, so I was able to use the shampoo. 

In the common sitting area on our floor, there were these lamps.  They look like viruses, and are made from recycled pipes and wood.  Above the lamp are bookshelves made from old wooden crates.

This was the view from our room.  I was glad that I paid extra for it.

We drove on the beach a bit, because... well, because we could.  The Long Beach Peninsula shoreline is a Washington State Highway.

On the way home, we visited Fort Columbia, and I took many pictures of the rust and decay there. 

I also took pictures of some things that weren't rust and decay.

I enjoy bridges in general, and the Astoria bridge is one of my favorites.Unfortunately, the view was not all that great while we were there.

In Astoria, we stopped at the only Indian restaurant in town, but it happened to be a good one.  My birthday lunch was the best Indian lunch buffet I've ever had.  A most satisfying end to a very nice three-day vacation.

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