Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Plan 1.0

     There have been some exciting developments in my life.  I wanted to make sure everything was actually going to work out before posting anything, but we found a house.  We'll still be renting, but the new home will be cheaper, has more useable space inside and out, and just walking into it tends to make people smile.

     It also has a third bedroom.  For Horus.

     Yes, that's right, the new house is going to be specifically for Ptah, Horus, and myself.  I also keep expecting something to start going horribly wrong with that, and it hasn't yet.  To be honest, I expect Horus to start worrying and stressing about living with a partner, since his prior experience with that wasn't so fantastic.  And a part of me wonders if a different part of me *wants* him to freak out, so that I can.  And then I realize that I'm just being silly and thinking myself in circles.

     The thing is, this move just makes sense.  It shouldn't; our relationship isn't six months old yet.  But time has never been a factor in our relationship decisions, and the effort that we've put into connection has had the result of making it feel like a years-long relationship.  Also, we have similar and compatible life goals, which brings me to the main reason this move is awesome.  We get to implement the first iteration of The Plan.

     The Plan is what I call the dreams Ptah and I have talked about for a couple years.  Before we became partners, in fact, it really began before I even decided on polyamory.  Some time ago, though, I decided to call them plans, rather than dreams, because dreams usually don't come true.  After that, most of those little plans got rolled up into The Plan.  And I'm sure you're wondering what that Plan is.

     Independence.  Community.  Tiny Houses.  Gardens.  Sustainability.  Goats and /or sheep.  Chickens.  Building ourselves, and building things ourselves.  Rain barrels and water efficiency.  Earning a living with our own hands.  An outside shower, and now a sauna.  That's the beginning.  Several months ago, I mentioned The Plan to Horus, and it turned out that he had been having thoughts in a similar direction.  This house, the one that we are moving into, is on an acre of land.  The owner lit up when I mentioned that we wanted to have gardens and chickens.  The house is already equipped with rain barrels.  And so, we will get to start our way on this journey.  Now.  We don't have to wait until we can buy land, we get to start now.  Sure, we won't be living in the place forever, but we will get to learn and practice and figure out what works best for us.  I am incredibly excited, when I'm not focusing on what a pain in the ass it is to move, that is. 

     Soon, I'll have to tell the story of how we found this place.  It's so full of serendipity that I started feeling extra suspicious of the universe.

     Anyway, it's bedtime.  To the future we go!