Monday, July 2, 2012

I Want...

I want time.
Time enough to take care of the things that need to be done,
Time enough to do the things I wish to do.
Time to care for my partners as they deserve,
Time to finally grieve for the end of the relationship I no longer have.
Time to shave my legs and make gallons of iced tea.
Time to deshed the cats and put art on the walls of my room.
Time to reconnect with Ptah.
Time to really rest.

I want affection.
Affection unmitigated by the moods I've been in lately,
Affection free to be enjoyed.
Affection that does not cause guilt because I'm not fit to return it properly,
Affection which only gives good things.
Affection of the physical sort, and the emotional.
Affection from partners and from friends.
Affection for others.
Affection for myself.

I want security.
Security in my needs being met, basic and otherwise,
Security in my relationships.
Security in the knowledge that the car will keep running,
Security that there will still be work.
Security in my bank account and in the future.
Security in my ability to handle things and even prosper.
Security in my ability to do the right thing.
Security in myself.

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