Thursday, May 3, 2012

Phone Pictures and Reflection Time.

(General life update: Thoth informed Ptah and myself that he could not pay rent because he had been paying the cell phone bill, which he had apparently gotten a few months behind on, without help.  I had to inform him that he hadn't been paying his share of the other household bills, which would have been more than twice as much as my share of the phone bill, so he could either help pay rent, or consider himself no longer living here.  I have no idea what he's been doing with his money, other than eating out constantly and hanging out with his girlfriend, but his poor money management does not mean that he gets to take advantage of us.  For at least the two previous months, he's made more money than Ptah and me combined, and we weren't complaining about the bills until he expected us to carry him completely and pay for his mistakes.  He came, packed a bag, and still hasn't said a word in response.  So soon, if he does not collect his things, I will be packing them up and putting them in the basement, except for the things which might be damaged by being stored there.  I may be angry, but I'm not going to be mean.  I just refuse to be taken for granted anymore.)


It's now May, and the last time I posted phone pictures was around the end of December.  I wanted partly to immortalize some of the better photos I've taken, but also to reflect on some of the good times I've had over the past few months.

We had some really great snow in January, and the cats all found it just fascinating.

Deception Pass in the snow.

The first fire of the year.  Which happened to be the first time Horus came to the house.  We ambled on the beach in town and picked up some rocks, came back to the house and had a fire.  Later, I made curry, tried to explain synesthesia, and tried to figure out my interest level.  We ended up spending a few hours talking outside, because it was nigh impossible to say goodbye.  I figured out later that I was being silly, I was interested, and suggested that we do that "dating" thing that people seem to like to figure out what sort of potential there was between us.

The box contained my leftovers from our first "date."  Which was technically the first date I ever really had.  We had sammiches, played in some parks, and pretty thoroughly connected.  In fact, when I got out of the car in the parking lot, and saw him walking toward me, my autonomic functions missed a beat and I knew I was doomed.  What I did not know was that shortly after I took this picture, a branch from the tree I was pruning would hit me squarely in the forehead and give me my first concussion.

For our second date, we had Indian food in the rain at a place which deserves the name Make-Out Point, if any place ever has.  After being out in the rain for a while, we steamed up the windows in the car, and I came away looking like I had been mauled by a pack of kittens.  Or thoroughly enjoyed some sensation play, whatever.  Horus brought me home, Ptah called me adorable, and I got all sorts of embarrassed.

Ptah and I were running some errands one day, and decided to stop for lunch.  We had completely forgotten that it was Valentine's day, and so we both ended up inadvertently having our first Valentine's Day celebration... together.

Mojito on the beach after a long and muddy day at work.

Rhododendron and bee.  I was never a big fan of the rhodies before I started this job.  But they bloom at different times, some multiple times a year, have green foliage all year long, and require minimal maintenance to look this good.  This particular plant was a treat in the gloom of February.

Ptah bought a car.  If you ever get stuck in the trunk for some reason, there are instructions on how to get out.  I just love the icons.

Ptah has had a few opportunities to work with me this year.  He's been able to see me at some of my best.  I'm good at my work, and I know it.  I'm happy and confident, and I'm glad he's been able to work with me.  He's a quick study, and has been a pleasure to work with.

We had an ice storm one day.  It left a good sized layer of ice chunks all over everything, and looked awesome.  It took hours to fully melt.

There's a local Chinese restaurant which will make pretty much any dish gluten free.  They're a little pricy, so we've only been there a couple of times, but Ptah and I enjoy it quite a bit.

I walked into the basement one day, and almost stepped on this frog.  It kept trying to hop away from me, and was getting wood shavings all over itself, so I picked it up and took it to show to the guys.  Ptah was kind enough to hold it so that I could take pictures.  I then took it to a part of our yard where water collects, and it hopped away.

My hair being dominated.  It's mostly an inside joke between Horus and myself.  In the beginning, I found myself asking him whether I should put my hair up or down, among other things.  And since he likes to brush it (well, and pull on it), I made the comment that he apparently owns my hair.  Some time later, photographic evidence.  Seriously, it's more joke than actual perception of ownership.

...And then we come to my lead.  I made it myself.  Horus gave me the webbing, and some red satin ribbon.  I essentially made fun of the kink community for its attachment to red and black (with the occasional black and purple allowed), and said that I wasn't really into cliche.  So I found this awesome rainbow ribbon I had already, and Horus agreed that it would work.  I made a blindfold as well, but a few mistakes happened which will be remedied in the revised version.  I'm actually rather pleased with the engineering and functionality that went into it, I just should have made a mock-up first.

Ptah and I found these amazing tomatoes at the grocery store.  Yes, we get excited about the small stuff.

I took some pictures of Horus and myself on the beach one day.  He was finding and chopping wood for our firepit, and I liked the way this turned out.

To celebrate one month of official relationship titles, Horus and I went to watch the sunset. 

We found some four-leaf clovers at a job one day.  I picked these two, then my boss found a whole bunch located in one patch.  I suspect that that particular patch of clover carries a genetic mutation or something, as no other patches of clover in the same yard had such a preponderance of four-leaf clovers.

Flowering cherry tree blossoms.  These particular trees do not produce any fruit, but have really beautiful flowers.  I love the spring time.

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