Sunday, April 1, 2012

Right Now...

     I tremble with rage.
     Thoth spent a bunch of my money, so I have none and there isn't enough money in the bank to cover his rent check. He is in a new relationship, which I found out from Facebook... Which is also where I learned that he is planning on moving out.
     Because that apparently didn't seem like the kind of thing one should tell the people one lives with.
     I know many people wonder why I broke up with him, and think I'm in the wrong. Many people think I should feel bad for my decision, Thoth included. But all he's been doing is proving to me that I made the right choice... Even if not for the reasons I originally thought.
     Seeing as how I apparently don't even deserve the respect he would give a loose acquaintance, I'm done trying to maintain some semblance of friendship. I'm done being discounted and disrespected.  I'm done with deception, I'm done with the lack of communication.
     This relationship is now irrevocably broken.

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