Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Condition of Things.

      It's been a month now since Horus and I started corresponding.  It feels like at least a billion times longer (okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but still...), due in large part to the range of our communication, the fact that it's been amazingly easy due to similar communication styles, and the depth of our interaction.

     To be honest, though, the biggest boon to this interaction is probably getting to see Ptah in the best light possible.  He's been extremely valuable in this situation; our companionship allows me to feel comfortable talking about things, and Ptah's insights have helped all of us.  I also get to have conversations like:

Me: So I told Horus he could just walk in when he arrived.  I said he belongs here.
Ptah: Yeah?
Me: Yeah, I think he was pleased.
Ptah: Well good, because he does belong here.


Me: We've been communicating for a month now.
Ptah: Cool.
Me: It feels like so much longer.
Ptah: It really does.
Me: I think it's because he's integrated into *our* lives so well.
Ptah: Yeah, that part has been easy.
     Having a safe harbor to ruminate on and discuss what's been going on in the other side of this construction project has made it possible for me to even try... I think that if Ptah had the same kind of sensitivity about the situation the rest of us have been displaying, that would likely complicate the matter to the degree that it became untenable.  Not that he's responsible for the current level of success between Horus and myself, that is also due to effort and natural compatibility.... but Ptah really helps.

     Thoth and I seem to be doing okay for the moment.  He's working a lot, and I'm still taking care of enough domestic stuff to make life easier for him.  He doesn't have to talk when he doesn't want to, and I don't have to pretend to be into a relationship which hasn't been healthy for a long time.  I explained to him that this change in our relationship didn't mean that I didn't want him in my life anymore, but that I wanted him to find happiness, and I knew that wasn't really going to happen with me.  I think that helped, but that's at least partly conjecture. 


     What I really wanted to post about today is an entirely different thing.

     I have some chemical sensitivities.  Many things that have strong smells (especially fruity or floral, combined with chemical) give me a terrible headache and generally make me feel like crap.  A lady wearing too much perfume at the grocery store can ruin my day.  I've had to very carefully select my self- and house-cleaning products based on the way they smell for a bunch of years.  In my early twenties I used mostly homemade cleaners around the house, concoctions I made from citrus fruits, vinegar, and rosemary.  They always worked well, and left the house smelling clean and nice instead of chemical.  I stopped doing that when the first husband and I split up, but had been thinking about making these things again for several months.

     I've also wanted to find ways to clean and condition my hair using natural products, but never found the motivation to actually do it.  Until Horus gave me motivation.  In talking, I discovered that the same things that give me headaches elicit a much worse reaction from him.  So, finally pushed properly (I like to say that I am a creature of inertia, after all), I consulted the mighty interwebs.  I found several opinions on natural conditioners, but as my hair is super prone to tangles, I figured I'd go with something a little heavier than apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.  I looked around my kitchen, and merged a few conditioner recipes to create my own.  I'm sorry some of the pictures are fuzzy; they looked good on my phone.

Step one: gather ingredients.  I used three avocados, two cans of coconut milk, some limes that were about to go bad, and some apple cider vinegar.

Step two: prepare ingredients for use.  Peel, pit, and chop avocados.  Open cans of coconut milk.  Squeeze the juice out of the limes, and measure vinegar.  I chose a quarter cup of vinegar, because I just wanted it to basically make the final product wet enough to squeeze out of a bottle.  Save the avocado pits and lime peels, we'll have other uses for those.
Step three: put all prepared ingredients in blender.
Step four: blend until completely combined.  Yes, it looks a little icky.  It's actually a pleasant color in real life, and smells kind of nice.
Step five: acquire a clean bottle and funnel to pour the concoction into.
Step six: make a giant mess, and be reminded of Slimer.
Step seven: clean up mess, and find another clean bottle to put some of the conditioner into, after realizing that you made way too much.

     It works really well.  The first time I used the conditioner, I used way too much...  Since it's made from natural products which are compatible with the human body and hair, my hair just sucked it right up, and I didn't feel like there was actually any conditioner on my hair.  After drying, though, I realized that I had conditioned *too* well.  For the first time in memory, though, I was able to brush out all of my knots within a few minutes of getting out of the shower.

     This particular concoction would not work well for every day use (or every other day, as the case is with me) over the long-term.  One of the really nice parts is that my hair, though it feels a little oily after using the conditioner, doesn't get gross after more than two days like it would before.  So basically, it feels like the day after a shower until I wash it again.  I've been using liquid castile soap with the conditioner when I know I'm going to see Horus, and my stupid mass produced crap when I know I'm not going to see him.  I frankly don't want to use the "normal" stuff anymore, but I own it, and I can't just throw it away, so that's how things are right now. 

     Soon, I'll get into what to do with those avocado pits and lime peels. 

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