Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holy Rollercoaster

(I'm about 2.5 weeks late actually posting this; I had forgot that I'd even started it until I went to write a new post.  Admittedly, it's neat to go back and read how I felt at the time.)

    Today, something I never would have thought would happen to me happened.  The car I was driving was repossessed.  It wasn't legally mine, but it was the only car the three of us had.  Ptah signed the loan when he was much better off financially, and thought that things would remain that way.

     While I understand that the repo guy is just making a living, and it's certainly not his fault that we haven't been doing well financially... it seems like there should be a better way to start the process than walking up to a lady who just got out of the car and saying "Sorry, but I'm going to have to take this." 

      So yeah, at first I thought he was trying to steal the car.

     My sister, who is visiting, and I got all of the personal stuff out, (fortunately, we had plenty of shopping bags to put the crap in), I had to give him the key, and we found ourselves at the thrift store where we were about to go spend some time and maybe twenty bucks but instead ended up carless and bewildered.  During the walk to Ptah's work to let him know what had happened, I had a few minutes in the cold air to think, and instead of focusing on that which I didn't like about the situation, I figured out what to be grateful for and made some semblance of a plan.

     -I was glad that we had not gone grocery shopping yet, as that was our plan.  Being stranded in town with a bunch of groceries would have been much worse.
     -I was glad that it hadn't happened during the snow and ice we dealt with for several days; at least our walk wasn't dangerous and the temperatures were not below freezing.
     -I was glad that the repossession took place early enough in the day that we could have taken the bus to somewhere near home if we'd had to.
     -I planned to see if a friend was available to take us home, and if not, figure out the bus situation.
     -I planned to talk to my boss and see if I could borrow one of the work trucks for a couple weeks.
     -I thought about how the lack of car payment would free up a lot of funds which would enable us to buy a cheap car faster.
     -I thought about how Ptah will receive his income tax refund soon, and Thoth and I will get our taxes done in a few weeks, also leading to a refund.
     -I was glad that Thoth recently got a full-time job and is able to carpool to and from it, so the lack of a car would not affect what will be the biggest paycheck in the household.


     I felt much better after focusing on the good parts, and managed to get home just fine.  A week later we found a cheap car which needs some work, but has a good engine and some things I never thought I'd get to have in a car... like a sunroof.  I love the sunroof. 

     I do really wish I had finished this post back when things were fresh, though.

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