Thursday, December 1, 2011

Okay, screw that. Let's talk about my birthday instead.

     The Facebook recap thing just took too much time and energy, and wasn't nearly as profound and insightful as I was hoping it might be.  So I'm not continuing it (for now) and this is the blog entry you get instead.

     This year, my birthday did not feel like a birthday.  Other than being a prime number, thirty-one really isn't that interesting, and we're sort of isolated where we live.  I tried to plan a surprise party for Thoth (his birthday is the day after mine), but it didn't work out so well what with people being broke, not able to drive the distance, not free at the time I tried to plan the party, or generally being dumb bitches... Okay, that was a joke.  Sort of.  So we ended up having a few people over to the house and nerding out for several hours playing D&D.  It was good times, and I still managed to surprise Thoth.

   As for my actual birthday, it consisted of:
          -Getting up early to drive Ptah to work.
          -Getting taken out for Thai lunch with my boss.
          -Talking to my first husband on the phone for nearly an hour.
          -Getting disappointed when the store was out of gluten-free cake, buying brownies and frosting instead.
          -Eating frosting out of the container, as I did not feel like making the brownies.
          -Working on what will be my first attempt at running a D&D session.
          -Additional frosting.
          -Cutting myself viciously on a birthday card envelope.
          -Talking my mom on the phone.
          -More frosting.

     I know, super exciting, right? I've had the blahs lately, and that certainly doesn't help.  Add in a general restlessness, and a lame birthday, and well... I'm just kind of down.  Not exactly depressed, just down.  Today, for Thoth's birthday, we all went to a local Chinese restaurant that offers gluten-free food.  I just found this out a few days ago, so it was our first time there.  They even deliver to our house!

     Now that is exciting.

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