Friday, December 23, 2011

Cleaning Up the Phone.

A few months ago, I got a new phone, a Kyocera Echo.  The 5 megapixel camera isn't the best possible camera on a phone, but it's also a huge improvement over the BlackBerry I had previously.  I decided today to clean up my SD card, so here are my 14 favorite photos from my phone so far.

My boss and I saw this giant pumpkin after a job in early November.  We just had to stop and take pictures.

Sunrise from home.

The three inside kitties.  Skelly (tortie on the left) is a grumpy old ladycat, and it's rare to see her cuddling with the whippersnappers. 

Skelly thought the sink was the best place to hang out, so Conway (orange blur) had to see what was so great about it.

These are the three outside kitties.  They appeared while we were out around the fire one night over the summer.  They're pushing six months now, all female, and I'm desperately trying to get help to get them spayed before they go into heat.  The local shelter has failed me, and the girls are far too friendly to continue being outside cats.  Where we live, there aren't a whole lot of resources for getting help with spaying... the closest place with a good program involves an hour drive and would still cost money we can't really afford to spend.  They're not as chubby as Greg (right) appears in this photo.  Yes, Greg.  We thought she was a boy for a long time.

Monkeypants and Octavia.  It's always hard to tell which is which, but judging by the pointy tail on the sitting kitty, I think that's Monkeypants and the blur is Octavia.  Taking pictures of these kittens is hard.  When they're not running away from the camera, they're turning away from it.  I can play with my phone in other ways, and they act normal, but as soon as I start trying to take pictures... Yep, they're cats.

In the middle of an encounter in Dungeons and Dragons.  We had so many status effects and zones going on, I wanted to capture the moment.  Yes, I play D&D... and recently started running a game for the guys, which will probably be the subject of a blog post soon.

I made a dice bag for a friend, and thought it looked like a monster.  Ptah agreed that it should have googly eyes and little fangs, so I painted them on to the photo.

I love the fog, and I get many opportunities to see it living on a bay.  Many mornings, there will be fog on the bay, and blue skies at the house... those are the best.

I am not religious by any means... but I absolutely love the Christmas tree.  Bringing green into the home, the shiny things and colored lights, it's all just so pleasant and lovely.  I hadn't had a real tree since leaving my parent's houses, though, and I was utterly determined to have one this year.  We happened upon a tree of reasonable size and value the day before Thanksgiving, as well as finding a ton of decorations at the thrift store and an antique iron stand for way cheap.  I had a couple strings of lights, in orange, purple, and cat (as shown in the photo below).  We didn't have a topper, so I constructed one with the dark red and light blue twiggy artsy things you can just see above, a giant glittery red and gold fake feather thing, and fabric roses with glittery edges.  Like a bouquet of sparkle at the top of the tree.  I think it's prettier than just about every tree topper I've ever seen.  Love the tree.

Cat lights! The copper leaf is from our trip to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest and fall color viewing.  It's nice, and also a pleasant memory for all three of us.

Yes, I did take this while driving.  The road is not heavily traveled, and I slowed down.  I wish the quality was better, but I like the way the road curves, and the moon was so flipping bright that night.

Ice on the windshield.  I love the patterns and the colors.  You can also tell that the ice was starting to melt where the sun was hitting.  This was one of those days where the sunny parts were lovely, but the shade never thawed.  Working on days like that isn't so bad, and it's definitely better than working when it's hot outside.

One of the places where we work regularly has a bunch of nice rhododendron plants.  Occasionally, they'll do wacky things, like this one blooming in December.  This photo was taken after a couple of soft freezes, but we hadn't had a hard freeze yet.  The flowers were probably mush only a couple of days later.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Okay, screw that. Let's talk about my birthday instead.

     The Facebook recap thing just took too much time and energy, and wasn't nearly as profound and insightful as I was hoping it might be.  So I'm not continuing it (for now) and this is the blog entry you get instead.

     This year, my birthday did not feel like a birthday.  Other than being a prime number, thirty-one really isn't that interesting, and we're sort of isolated where we live.  I tried to plan a surprise party for Thoth (his birthday is the day after mine), but it didn't work out so well what with people being broke, not able to drive the distance, not free at the time I tried to plan the party, or generally being dumb bitches... Okay, that was a joke.  Sort of.  So we ended up having a few people over to the house and nerding out for several hours playing D&D.  It was good times, and I still managed to surprise Thoth.

   As for my actual birthday, it consisted of:
          -Getting up early to drive Ptah to work.
          -Getting taken out for Thai lunch with my boss.
          -Talking to my first husband on the phone for nearly an hour.
          -Getting disappointed when the store was out of gluten-free cake, buying brownies and frosting instead.
          -Eating frosting out of the container, as I did not feel like making the brownies.
          -Working on what will be my first attempt at running a D&D session.
          -Additional frosting.
          -Cutting myself viciously on a birthday card envelope.
          -Talking my mom on the phone.
          -More frosting.

     I know, super exciting, right? I've had the blahs lately, and that certainly doesn't help.  Add in a general restlessness, and a lame birthday, and well... I'm just kind of down.  Not exactly depressed, just down.  Today, for Thoth's birthday, we all went to a local Chinese restaurant that offers gluten-free food.  I just found this out a few days ago, so it was our first time there.  They even deliver to our house!

     Now that is exciting.