Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Past Year, According to Facebook. Part One.

As I near my thirty-first birthday, I thought it might be fun to read through my Facebook posts over the past year or so.  It's been a good and interesting year, so I was curious what I had to say about it while it was actually happening. This post has taken more time and space than I intended, so it will be done in multiple installments.  Let us review some of my favorite moments together...

You've just been 1upped!
Oh, I make myself laugh sometimes...

Okay... Brain and body activate! ...Hmm, that didn't work, maybe I need to find a keycode. Anyone know what level it's on?

... And I would walk five hundred miles, and I would walk five hundred mowin'. ...Just to be the girl who mowed a thousand miles to fall down on your lawn!

Ahh... New insoles for my work boots. It's like hugs for my feet.

thinks the collective you should say something nice about someone.

JENI has received Key Item, "Hope."

And now... it is time. For Super Happy Fun Time EGG NOG!!!

All the troubleshooting guides in the world apparently can't replace someone looking at things and saying "This doesn't look right..." or "I wonder what happens if I do THIS? Let's find out! "The wireless adapter for [Thoth's] ancient laptop hasn't worked for a couple of years, so I decided to check out the situation. Ten minutes later, it works.

"I suppose it's a holdover from their Viking ancestry. It would be difficult to rape and pillage with the subtlety of a humanist."  -Pushing Daisies.

is sitting in a booth in a cafe, listening to soul music, waiting for it to turn into a Tarantino movie. Maybe Samuel L. Jackson will come in and buy my coffee.

Okay, so... do I be a good girl and go to bed? Or do I play Final Fantasy VII for a while, end up playing it too long, sleep through my alarm and get mad at myself for sleeping so late? Past experience and this big mug of cocoa say it's probably the latter.


So this was going through my head earlier while driving: "Come see I-5 ON ICE! The thrills! The chills! Witness the danger, the speeds and graceful slides! Catch the both-hands-on-the-wheel excitement, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! For a limited time only, at an on-ramp near you."  Time for a nap, then back to it.

Dear drivers on I-5 this morning: Just because the freeway looks *a little* better does not mean that it is. You know those black patches? That's called "black ice," you may have heard of it once or three hundred times. And all that plowing? It just made the roads a smooth sheet of ice. Your insistence on driving fast and tailgating me is not the smartest thing to do.  Sincerely, Jeni.

Today marks a year since I started showing signs of gluten intolerance.
Anyway, I'm thankful for...
the excellent friends I've acquired.
the family who make the word mean something.
my kitties.
the fact that while we may be barely scraping by, we *are* scraping by.
the modern conveniences that I enjoy.
the love of someone who appreciates who I am.
hope in the future.

I'm suddenly so full of hope that I'm getting suspicious.

Thanks you guys, you're pretty fantastic.  Now that I've had birthday cereal and lounged around in my birthday robe, I think it's time for some birthday room cleaning. *sigh* Where's my rich fiend who wants to take me out for dinner?

This day can go to hell. At least I'll be closing it with grown-up egg nog.

is having an awesome time with some of my favorite people... [Thoth] wins.

I really, really enjoyed my weekend. The first birthday party I've had since childhood was a clear success, even if not *everything* went according to plan. Thanks to [Thoth] for setting everything up, and everyone who came to celebrate with me.  My thirties are off to a fantastic start.

You know what's frustrating? Trying to plan for a future which is currently full of nothing but unknown variables.  Can anyone solve for n?

"How the past chews on your shoes, And these memories lick my ear."  Except that I feel the same way about memories licking my ear as as when actual dogs do it. Ick. Be gone, thoughts of the past!

1/2 cocoa + 1/2 irish cream = tasty. And warm.

It always feels good to purge a few "friends." Especially when I end up with a prime number

It's sewing time,
Open up your thread case
And grab yourself needle and thread.
It's sewing time,
Check for scissor location
And don't run with them in hand.
Prepare to sew a jacket,
Fix that messed up placket
You have some buttons to add.
Sewing time,
I don't like the button holes
So it'll close with ribbon instead. Yeah.

I don't like those stupid button holes,
I don't like those stupid button ho-oles,
I don't like those stupid button holes,
button hooooooles.

Well... it's technically the next day, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so I'm going to say that I got all three of my goals done today.  In the past few days I was inspired to think and write, to finally play fabric hax0r with the jacket, and to play with pastels at the first available opportunity... so who's going to accidentally inspire me to do something cool next?

is putting a corset on in a bowling alley bathroom. You only wish you were this classy.

I just saw the most hideous chimaera at Safeway. Sweat pants with denim accents. for those occasions that are too classy for sweats, but aren't classy enough for jeans.

Framing things in a positive manner is an important key to happiness. For example, the way the car vibrates on the freeway can be a reminder of the fact that we need new struts and a tune up... Or it can feel like the space shuttle launching us into orbit. Maybe that makes my mom's place the International Space Station.

Ooh, and my phone camera is now the Hubble Space Telescope. That's why it takes such crappy indoor and close up photos; it was made to capture the details of the universe at great distance and without atmospheric interference.

Health, wealth and happiness to you and yours in the coming year. *clink*  It always seemed like more of a New Year's toast to me, and I don't have the special wafer to share, and I'm not even Polish... but I've always liked that one, as far as toasts go. The sentiment stands.

is trying to reconcile her fondness for self-determinism with the fact that sometimes life just won't stop flinging poo.

*strongly worded unverified statement on a subject I know nothing about*

I came up with the best idea! D&D-style character sheets... for sex! It would make picking people up much easier: a sheet with your skills, feats, and base stats clearly marked. Say you're looking for someone with high Dexterity and Constitution, but a low Bluff and Hide... you'd know right away!

"Oh, I see that you don't have proficiency in Wands, but you did take the Able Learner feat, so I'll give you a shot." "Well, I was really looking for more of a Ranger, and less of a Paladin, sorry." "Oof, I see you have a high Bluff skill; I'm really not into women who fake it."
I randomly have "Promise of a New Day" by Paula Abdul stuck in my head... a song I haven't heard in *at least* seventeen years. On that note, I hope 2011 is a better year for all who could use one, and at least as good a year for those of you who enjoyed 2010. Let us either find our bliss or hold onto it, eh?

I feel like it should be really difficult to be in a bad mood while smelling like a cupcake. And yet somehow I manage.

Yay, we get to buy food! [Thoth] will get his lard breakfast smoothies after all.

wishes so many people didn't equip that Manipulate materia.

I would say that I have faith that things will be alright, but I don't. I have *confidence* that we will choose to make things alright.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Six Months

     Today marks six months of official, capital-r Relationship for Ptah and me.  Which also means that today marks six months of actually doing this poly thing I wanted for so many years.

     Our time-based celebration thing isn't based on a first date or a first kiss... May 10th is known to us as Beach Day.  Beach Day was the first day we both had off of work (and alone) after our budding feelings started becoming impossible to ignore.  It was a magnificent and warm May day, and I had been wanting to spend some time at a beach we had driven by together, so we went.  We collected pebbles, beach glass, and shells.  He took pictures, and I drew in the sand with a stick.  We removed our shoes and walked barefoot on the sand.  We rolled up our pants and sank into it as well, a few times getting squirted by burrowed clams.  We smiled and laughed until it hurt... we fell in love that day.  Truly and irrevocably in love. 

     Of course it feels like longer than six months, after knowing each other for years.  We've had our ups and downs, and there will be more.  But there will also be more time, and I look forward to it.