Thursday, June 30, 2011

The stress needs to stop. Now.

     We've moved into our house, but other than that, life has been creatively coming up with whatever stressors it can.  I won't go into details at this point, but a lack of free time and brainspace has meant that I have little time for writing, enjoying my new house, building and rebuilding my relationships, or being the introvert I am.  I cut the knuckle of my primary finger today, and that was the final straw... I had a breakdown on the living room floor of the apartment I was supposed to be helping to clean.

     Go me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some things I enjoy.

-The golden light of late afternoon.
-The smell of a cool summer evening after a warm day.
-Expensive dark chocolate, especially with orange or strawberry.
-A long drive with no destination.
-The smell of the sea.
-The smell of a lake or river.
-Eyes.  (Irises.  Watching pupils dilate with emotion. Seeing the corners show your heart.)
-Old-growth forest, the soft sound of footfalls on needle-covered ground.  Dappled and scattered light.
-Sweet white wine.
-Work with a tangible result.
-Using my body as a tool for work or pleasure.
-Accepting myself for who I am, inside and out.
-Watching another realize that they will be okay.
-Seeing the sky lighten and the sun come blazing over the horizon.
-Form and function as comfortable yet still exciting mates, exploring their potential together.
-Pleasant surprises; finding out that my worries were nothing more than wasted energy.
-Learning all I can learn about anything at all.
-Enlightening conversation.
-Crawling around in someone's brain for awhile.
-Iced tea.
-Chai tea.
-Mudslide mix and coconut rum.
-Cooking for others.
-Giving affirmation.
-Speaking the Love Languages.
-Mugs with handles, made of glass or clay.
-Avoiding plastic whenever possible.
-Considering the possibilities, and reviewing choices as necessary.
-Forgiving myself and letting go.
-Rolling the car windows down, and tasting my location.
-Seeing not only the forest, but each tree, the branches, and the needles or leaves.
-Honey on cornbread.
-Walking on moss and clover barefoot.
-Making lists.