Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Post Six: In which Jeni gets out of a mental rut.

     I'm a person of probabilities more than possibilities.  I prefer thinking about the amazing things which are likely to happen, the dreams I can reach, the goals which can be completed.  It's harder to be let down that way, and so it's emotionally safer.  I *like* possibilities, I think it's important to have dreams, but it's an exercise I often avoid.

     A few days ago, I was inspired by a friend who lives in the realm of possibilities to think about what I would want for the world if I were to disregard probabilities.  So I made a list.

-I would like to see everyone's basic needs met, the world over.  I want everyone to live in the top of the pyramid that is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  This would make the rest of the things on my list a lot more possible.

-I want to encourage everyone to see happiness as a virtue and a goal worthy of pursuit.  I want people to recognize that living for others is only good if it is a conscious decision and leads to one's own happiness.  Living for one's own happiness isn't entirely selfish, though selfishness is overly criticized anyway.  Being happy in oneself allows a person to bring more joy to others, to be a better friend and confidant, to be less emotionally dependent, and frankly the people who love us will prefer to see us happy.

-I want to promote everyone taking responsibility for their own actions and feelings.  Realizing that we can't run away from the things we've done, and that our feelings are in our own hands is difficult.  It makes us responsible for something which is so much easier to pawn off on other people or situations.  It gives us the power to change our situations, our outlooks, our reactions.  It may not be the easy path, but it's certainly the more rewarding.

-I wish to advocate the acceptance of ourselves and others, while recognizing that there are always things about ourselves that we can (and should) improve.  We should all recognize that we have different strengths to build upon and challenges to face.  On a cognitive level, regarding our bodies, our emotional differences, different forms of creativity, and practical talents, to name a few.  We are different from each other, and that is a good thing.  It takes all types to properly run this thing we call civilization, and we do much better by accepting our strengths and recognizing but working on our weaknesses.  

-I will promote healthy relationships, which are beneficial for all parties involved, and in which no one must subsume their own personalities or wishes.

-I will advocate the patronage of small businesses, local shops, and local farms whenever possible.  This is part of a larger desire for people to belong to small communities, where they feel like they are a part of the whole, not just individuals who happen to live in a place.  Buying goods and food which comes from closer to home is better for the environment, better for our bodies, and makes us feel more connected.

-I wish to be a proponent of choice in all things.  We should all be able to choose who we love, what we do for a living, what kind of life we want to lead.  We should all also recognize the choices we make every day.  We decide how we are going to react to the things that happen in our lives.  We decide to do the things we do, and we even make the decision to get stuck sometimes, like I did recently.

     These are all things I have wanted for some time, but now I have framed them as actions, not just wishes.  I have decided again to be more aware of the decisions I'm making, the feelings I'm choosing to have, and the actions I'm performing.  With a renewed sense of purpose and power, I go on.

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