Thursday, September 9, 2010

About my title...

     I chose the name "Generally Well-Rounded" for several reasons.

     I plan on using this blog to discuss many subjects, from food to relationships to shiny things.  It's my blog, about my life, and I have a wide range of interests and experiences.  To limit a personal blog to just one subject seemed rather limiting to me, so I'm just gonna do it all.

     I have a well-rounded brain.  I use both hemispheres of it equally well; I'm good at appreciating the combination of form and function, and seeing the forest *and* the trees.  My MBTI type is basically ISTP, but I exhibit xNTP and IxFP subtypes, as my cognitive functions follow a non-standard order.  I'm not as good with emotions as I can (and will) be, but I am more understanding of them than most Thinking types, and I am working on becoming more... well-rounded in this regard.

     I have a basic knowledge of many subjects, and can hold my own in a conversation about most things; I'm an information sponge.  I'm interested in almost anything there is to be interested in, and I plan on cultivating this passion for random learning for the rest of my life.

     And finally... I am round.  Overweight.  Thick.  Chubby.  Fat.  I like to be physically active, so it's not so much a product of laziness.  I don't eat any more or worse than the skinny people I know, so it's not a product of a stereotypical fat-person diet.  It's genetics, and probably something with my thyroid.  But the fact is, I'll likely always be overweight, though I would like to be less so.  And that is something else I will be working on.

     Maybe I should have named the blog "Work in Progress" instead.


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